Technology has never been more prevalent in our society. Technology has never been more prevalent in my dating life. I can meet anyone, anywhere, anytime. In May of 2016, I set out on a mission to explore modern dating. And boy, I experienced it. All at once. Dove head first.

This is that story. The diary of my dating life. The diary of a girl full of love and laughter experiencing modern dating for the first time. The diary of a girl learning that her traditional background has no place in the world of modern dating.

The story starts with an idea, a pure foundation built on one question; is it possible to go on a date every night? This story is how I, a 24-year-old millennial woman raised in the south, answered the question.


Through my experience, I learned modern dating changes our ideas of love, sex, dating, and the way we interact with strangers. As the comedian Aziz Ansari points out in his book Modern Romance, the way people meet and seek love has radically changed from community-based, value-centric unions. He believes online daters are slowly becoming cheap hookers.  I believe online dating causes overstimulation and disconnection, often diminishing the dream of romance. Online dating is nothing more than a daunting job search.

You may notice that each date diary follows a specific format. This format allowed me to compare every date with the others. I kept every person involved in No Pay May anonymous, including myself… until now. My thoughts are written as I experienced them. The events are written as they played out in real time.

No time to waste. Please enjoy my own personal ode to modern millennial dating featuring Tinder, Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel, Hinge, Twitter, and my local radio station.

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