April 18, 2016

Two weeks ago, I was Face Timing a college friend and told her about my dating life.

Apparently, I’ve peaked at the young age of 24 or suddenly men started getting REAL about relationships. Either way, my dating life picked up. Boys from bars, boys from work, and even boys I’m “just friends” with began asking me out. It seemed like I jumped into this “dating phase” of my life overnight.  Each date I went on was different from the others, except for one commonality… dinner! As I rambled, to my friend about all the free food I was getting, my friend paused and said, “Imagine how many dates you would get if you were online dating?”. Over a few late-night phone calls and some creativity, Operation: No Pay May was birthed.

The basis of Operation: No Pay May is a social dating experiment. Currently our society is confused on what “dating” means. Everyone seems to have their own view on when a date is a date. Girls think guys just want to “hook up,” and boys think girls want relationships in which couples spend every second together.  After talking to many friends, I found neither of these is true. As females, we categorize all men, and men seem to do the same. The truth is nobody fits into these overgeneralizations. To determine what you want and who you are, you need to “date” different types of people. How are you going to do this if you don’t put yourself out there? I’ve decided to become an open-minded dater in pursuit of answers.

The goal is to go on 31 dates in 31 consecutive days. Yes, a date (and potentially a free meal) every day for an entire month. Can it be done?  I’ll document every date using my own Date Diary. I’m assuming I will go on a few bad dates and a few good dates. Other than that, I’m here to learn.


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